... or how VMC PECHE has grown to be the global leader in treble hooks and supplier to 70 countries around the world.


The first VMC® hooks

French family company Viellard Migeon and Company, established in 1796, begins to produce fish hooks.
Director Charles Viellard is quick to recognize that hook-making expertise lies in Redditch, England, and in 1910 some ten families from the Midlands town are ‘imported’ to help set up the company’s new hook department in the family’s ironworks.
Hooks are sold with the "La Bouée" brand name, meaning "Life Ring".


The VMC® hook factory

Profits grow and a new dedicated fish hook factory is opened in Morvillars, France - where VMC hooks are still manufactured today.


The VMC® golden age

VMC, now employing 450 workers in the hook factory, leads the French hook market.
The post-war financial crisis plus a serious decline in the quality of raw materials and increased foreign competition then combines to present a new challenge.


A visionary leader

Arrival of new director Christophe Viellard and his dual strategy of automatic machining and international growth, sharply focused on treble hooks.
By 1973, the company has made a spectacular recovery and VMC PECHE is created, an independent company controlled by the family holding.


Technological revolution

Invention and construction of unique automatic machines, led by factory director Norbert Heyer and the late engineer Roger Billet.
By 1974, daily treble hook operation has increased from 5,000 pieces to 60,000 pcs.


International Growth

Extra volume rapidly drives VMC’s booming export business, opening up new markets.
Creation of US subsidiary, VMC Inc. in 1981 followed by further VMC sales companies in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Brazil.


EFTTA : a new voice for the industry

VMC is amongst the founding senior members of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA) and its annual international trade exhibition EFTTEX.



VMC continues to develop and market exclusive innovations in hook design and manufacturing processes. VMC trademark technologies include CONE CUT®, VANADIUM®, FASTGRIP®, BARBARIAN®, SURESET® (SCORPIC), PERMASTEEL®, SPARK POINT®, SPINSHOT®.


Creation of VMC Europe

VMC EUROPE, located close to the VMC factory becomes responsible for European Distribution, led by Mr Norbert Heyer.


Birth of the Rapala-VMC Corporation

VMC, global market leader in treble hook production and sales joins forces with RAPALA, the world's leading lure maker.


VMC celebrates a century of excellence

The VMC factory, distributors and partners worldwide celebrate 100 years of fish hook production in France.
VMC PECHE is certified as a “Living Heritage Company” under the French Government’s prestigious EPV Entreprise de Patrimoine Vivant label, recognized for its rare and exceptional know-how “made in France”.